Hi, I'm Darshan Adroja!

Hi there! 

Kem cho? I am assuming you threw me a Majja ma ;)

I have a creative eye to everyday things. People often find me in delight over the simplest of things. Less is more is my motto to live by. Keeping things simple, yet full filling and enticing is my groove. I dig doing layouts, from business cards to posters to packaging, grids, gutters & columns are my friends; layout-ing is one of my key strengths and iterating them endlessly is my muse, courtesy to my knack for perfection :/.
I take joy in exploring. New tools, new techniques, new compositions - anything my utility belt doesn't have is my next take on. I love pixels, for they are atomic units but make up for almost everything digital. I relish all things aesthetic - a soft spot for loud colours. 

Coming to the customary, I am a design practitioner based out of Gujarat, India. I study design at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore in my 3rd year majoring in visual communication & strategic branding.

Your friendly neighbourhood designer

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