BDW is a two-month long celebration of all things design which is the carrier for the launch of Bengaluru as the World Design Protopolis or WDP. It is a confluence of events that blend emergent technologies, catalytic thinking, vibrant conversations, disruptive collaborations, hybrid aesthetics and diverse design practices. BDW is not just for designers, but a unique space for anyone with a dream to come and converse, collaborate or co-create along with the citizens, designers, institutions, industries and government initiatives to build a blueprint for a better-designed, more inclusive tomorrow. From its historic beauty as a well-planned garden city to its legacy in technology and space exploration, Bengaluru has multiple characters.
This is a compilation of the role I played in making BDW a reality.
Title Designs - Hand lettering
BDW SMI Calendar Artwork
Marketing Collaterals - Ideation, Conceptualising, Layout & Design
BDW Rotoscope - Crowdsource Video
Generative Identity for all ( built on p5.js )
Tools used

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